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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to get the most expensive cable plan to watch all your television shows or to catch the latest news. The truth is that cable companies are overcharging their subscribers to channels that are otherwise free.

Yes. That’s right. FREE.

There could be hundreds of TV channels available in your area that are broadcasted for free and you don’t need to pay for cable to access them. All you have to do is find the right antenna.

Amazingly, even with the rise of online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, people are still watching traditional television. While it is undeniable that people have been hooked on watching videos online, it seems that we just cannot let go of our good old TVs. Households would still watch an average of 8 hours of live TV programming per day. This is largely due to the fact that most people’s default free time activity is watching something – may it be through their phones, laptops, or TVs.

However, more and more people are cutting off their cable TV subscriptions these days. In fact, the biggest cable TV providers in the US lost almost half a million subscribers during the first quarter of 2017 alone. There are of course a multitude of factors that contributed to the death of the cable TV, but it is clear that more consumers are ditching their cable TV and sticking to two more practical alternatives – traditional television and online streaming.



When you think about TV antennas, you may immediately think of the traditional metal rods or two-eared units that you had to hold a certain way in order to get a decent reception. They are thought to be a thing of the past since the introduction of Cable TV with their modern satellite discs that promise to give you better signal reception and more channel options.

However, antennas are making a comeback as more people are realizing the financial advantages of staying with traditional TV instead of cable.

An HDTV Antenna (high-definition) or Digital Antenna is a modernized antenna that’s smaller but stronger than old models. It picks up broadcast channels from nearby towers which may include local news, sports, history, kids’, and movie channels. For this website, we are mainly reviewing multi-directional antennas that are solely meant for indoor use.

Multi-directional antennas, as the name suggest, can pick up signals from different directions simultaneously. This means no pointing necessary to get optimal reception.

And the best thing about antennas is that there are no monthly subscriptions. You can buy a single unit and use it to watch with no limits. No upgrades or monthly fees required either. Purely FREE endless entertainment.


Best HDTV Antenna - Our Best Picks of 2018

You deserve a better home entertainment system without flushing a chunk of your savings down the drain. Do not even think of merely settling with limiting cable plans. Not when you can easily access the channels they overcharge you with for free.

What you can do is to break free from your contracts with expensive cable companies. Start taking charge of your finances and save more of your hard-earned money every month. Invest in a financially lighter alternative that provides you with more and better benefits. Get an HDTV antenna.

To get you started, here are our top picks for 2018.



If you want to get live TV programming without having to go overbudget, get SkyLink TV Antenna. It is a digital antenna made with a dual bandwidth and a multi-directional receiver which are developed to detect both high frequency and low frequency signals from every direction. You can get the same number of channels, if not more, than the average cable TV plan. All of these things without having to make monthly payments.

Additionally, SkyLink TV Antenna supports High-Definition broadcasts. Unlike cable TV, it can sustain crystal-clear reception even during bad weather. This is because the antenna directly receives the signals from broadcast towers and is less prone to signal breakage caused by strong winds. So, you can get impressive picture quality 24/7.

SkyLink TV Antenna also supports connections to all types of screens. Whether yours is old or new, LCD or Smart TV, it doesn’t matter as long as it has a coaxial cable receiver – and all television sets has this. You may even plug SkyLink TV to a computer or laptop and watch live TV shows at your office.

This antenna is an ultra-thin and almost weightless antenna perfect for easy mounting. It works best when placed near windows and doors.

To continue enjoying your favorite TV shows without the heavy monthly fees, you may buy SkyLink TV antenna by clicking the button below.


High-Definition TV

It is capable of receiving and sustaining the connection with uncompressed channel signals to give you the best TV watching experience possible. So, you can catch the latest TV shows and get access to the hottest sports events in full High-Definition.

Low Cost

You can save more by using SkyLink TV Antenna because once you purchase the antenna, that’s it. You will no longer be burdened by monthly subscription fees. Getting extra channels won’t cost you extra either. Just pay once and you can get unlimited usage.

Ultra-Thin Design

Not only is SkyLink TV Antenna super easy to use, it is also very simple with an ultra-thin design which allows the entire unit to be concealed behind TV screens or stored anywhere you like. You may even mount it on a wall or window.


“Very pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect to get so many channels because it’s cheap but worked great for me. Definitely worth checking out.”

– Allison Curtis

“Skylink is a great product! It feels lightweight and the installation is quick and easy. I placed mine next to a window (as suggested) and it picked up a wide range of channels on the first try. Great video quality too.”

– Roy

“Majority of the channels were in regular quality but I don’t mind. Still got about 10 channels in hd. It’s easy to install an overall a very good antenna.”

Ory Johnson

“Got a great number of channels and I also like that I can personalize the list. I was able to delete the channels I don’t watch or like so I don’t have to keep scrolling through hundreds of them every time.”


“I’m loving being cable-free because skylink made it so easy. the antenna receives high-quality channels without costing me much. And so far I’ve had no issues.”



TV Fix Antenna_product-image

Just because you want to save money does not mean you should give up watching live TV. You can cut your cable expenses by half and still get so much more content to watch with TV Fix Antenna. This is one of the highest rated HDTV Antenna that we can suggest which is perfect for city living.

TV Fix Antenna supports high-definition channels. It is much more reliable than cable TV and a lot easier to fix. If you are ever experiencing problems, all you have to do is place the antenna somewhere else, restart your TV screen, and scan again for available channels. No more worrying if it is a connection or hardware problem. Plus, no more repair or upgrade expenses either.

The antenna’s optimum range can reach over 50 miles when paired with a signal amplifier. So, if you live far from the city center, you may consider getting one. Alternatively, you may check if your TV screen has a built-in booster. New models usually do.

TV Fix Antenna is significantly cheaper compared to cable TV and other antenna models. However, it can be just as effective in receiving TV channels. It is easy to install too, and you can have access to endless amounts of content in only a few minutes of set up.

Drop the cable TV weight and switch to more affordable alternatives. Buy TV Fix Antenna by clicking the button below.



Save even more money by buying in bulk. You can purchase as much as 5 units at once for only $118.23. A great deal if you’re looking to upgrade all of the TV screens at your home or as a thoughtful gift for your family and friends.

35 Mile Range

Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite channel. TV Fix Antenna is equipped with a powerful receiver that can reach an optimum distance of 35 miles. You can get so much more content to watch that you won’t even miss cable.

1080 Resolution

Through rain or shine, you can depend on TV Fix Antenna to maintain high-definition image quality. It’s a powerful antenna that is less prone to signal interruptions caused by strong winds and signal blockers. A much more reliable alternative to cable.


“TV Fix Antenna works perfectly. No issues. My television receives more channels compared to before. These channels also come in high definition.”

– Anonymous

“When I first got the antenna, I was a bit skeptical. I did not think that it would work great. But as I hooked it up on my television, I was really surprised. Now I can watch more channels! Just wow!”

Cathy Greene

“You will not regret buying this great gadget! Hands down to the manufacturers for creating such a compact and lightweight product. One hundred percent would recommend this product to avid television watchers.”


“That TV Fix Antenna really lives up to its name. Before installing it I had a hard time watching from my television. I know I have a good tv, but somehow I can’t watch channels in HD. With this new antenna, I can enjoy my television to the full extent.”

Shane Ryder

“Not disappointed at all. Great picture. Great sound. Once you install the antenna to your television, you can see the difference. A lot more channels can be watched. They also come in full HD. 100% would recommend this product. “

Marcus Lee



TV Radius Antenna is a razor thin HDTV antenna which has about the same range as TV Fix Antenna and offers High-Definition channel resolution. Although on the shorter range of antennas, it is proven to strongly pick up signals. They provide free customer service and offers an easy installment process.

TV Radius Antenna is a state-of-the-art piece of technology designed to give you the best experience from your television. Best pair your high definition television with the TV Radius Antenna to get clear and crisp resolution.

Unlock new local channels with the TV Radius Antenna once you install it on your television. Not all cable and satellite providers carry all the local channels in your area. However, with this antenna, you can watch all the streaming channels in your area without having to pay extra.

This antenna is specially designed to look modern yet efficient. TV Radius Antenna is razor thin and has a chic design but it can deliver strong signals.

Customer service comes in free once you purchase the TV Radius Antenna. Any queries or concerns regarding the product may be addressed and will surely be given the utmost importance. According to their main site, customer satisfaction is one of the company’s biggest priorities.

If you have already decided to get TV Radius Antenna, simply click the green button below. If you want to learn more about this antenna, click the blue one.



The TV Radius Antennais specifically designed to look razor thin and chic. It is compact and lightweight which makes installation easy and effortless. The antenna’s appearance is simple and elegant which makes it seamlessly fit into any television set.

Decent Range

Explore a lot more local channels that you have never seen before with the TV Radius Antenna. Each antenna is specifically designed for a specific purpose. And this antenna is designed to give you very strong signals in a comparatively short range of distance.

HD Resolution

Never get fed up with blurry and cloudy channel reception from your television ever again. The TV Radius Antenna gives you full high definition resolution. The strong signal reception of this antenna equates to better quality resolution. Enjoy clear and crisp images coming from your television screens.


“This antenna unlocked a whole bunch of channels I never knew existed. Some were cooking shows, some were news channels. I just love it.”

Raquel Cline

“Installation is just a breeze. No complicated instructions or whatsoever. I contacted the customer service once about some concerns and they were quite pleasant. No problems ever since buying the product. I think it is compatible to ALL televisions so no problem about compatibility.”


“Not that very expensive for a product this good. You sure get your money’s worth when you buy TV Radius. Solid experience from my tv once I started using it.”

James Gunne

“A lot of channels from my local area were “unlocked” by this antenna. Some channels I enjoy watching, some I really don’t care about. But it is nice to know that there are channels out there that can also be watched from time to time.”


“10 out of 10 would be pleased. All the channels that I regularly watch are now in full high definition resolution. I have never enjoyed watching tv like this before. Highly recommended product.”



Do you wish to enjoy watching television without having to pay a lot to cable providers? Well, you are in luck. TV Surf Antenna can give you the same experience for free.

Most channels are broadcasted for FREE so you don’t need an expensive cable plan to watch TV. With TV Surf Antenna, you can have unlimited access to hundreds of local channels without having to pay monthly fees.

Elevate your television experience with TV Surf Antenna. It is specifically designed for you to enjoy your television without having to spend too much on monthly cable bills.

This antenna is thin and compact yet delivers stellar performance and gives you access to hundreds of new channels in a wide area. Receive signals from up to 30 miles with high definition resolution, all coming from this small device. You can even hook it up to an amplifier which boosts its range up to 50 miles wider! It is very easy to install and is compatible even with receiver boxes, desktop computers, and laptops.

A one-time payment for a TV antenna is a better choice rather than paying monthly fees to cable service providers. You can get the same television experience for a drastic price difference.

TV Surf Antenna is a great upgrade for your home theater without breaking the bank. Pay only once and you won’t have to worry about monthly bills. Buy in bulk for multiple screens and save even more.

Place your order now to enjoy a better television experience. Click on the BUY NOW button, or the READ MORE REVIEWS button if you would like to know more about TV Surf.



TV Surf Antenna is strategically designed using military technology, making it durable, powerful, and trustworthy. Amazing results are sure to be expected from this advanced piece of technology.

4K Resolution

Gone are the days when free and cable less television gives you blurry and cloudy reception. TV Surf Antenna is guaranteed to give you clear and crisp images with its 4k resolution feature.

Amplified Signal

You can have access to hundreds more channels with the TV Surf Antenna. With having a reach of over 30 miles, you can watch channels you never knew existed. Hook it up to an amplifier to extend that reach to over 50 miles!


“Buying this antenna is a better move rather than subscribing to a monthly cable provider. Way cheaper alternative and you could get the same results in my opinion.”


“I never thought I could watch a bunch of new channels before. But with the TV Surf Antenna, I now have access to hundred more channels. They also come in high quality so I enjoy them so much. Very good product!”

Joe Merrifield

“I love this! I hooked it up to an amplifier, and a whole lot more channels were available to my television. I regularly watch tv now thanks to this antenna.”

Lizzy Cortez

“Product is very small and light. If you do not want to be seen along your television set, you can easily conceal it behind things. Delivers great channels. 4k resolution was not a joke. I like it very much. Highly recommended.”


“Package delivery was on time. Packaged very well so breakage during shipment is not a problem. Easy installation. Very well contented with this product.”



An amplified HDTV Antenna, Octa Air Antenna has a wider range than most TV antennas. With its 50km multidirectional reception, you are guaranteed to have more channels in HD quality. The only downside is that it does not deliver a reception that is as good as the brands mentioned above.

Compared to other antennas, the cable that comes with the Octa Air Antenna package is longer allowing the unit to be installed higher and in better reaching places which is ideal if you want to get better coverage. If you install one in your house now you will secure more channels in clear HD resolution. It’s a great bargain if you decide to opt out of your cable TV subscription. The antenna even works better if you live near a broadcasting station.

The best part about Octa Air Antenna is you don’t need to install any satellite dishes or pay monthly subscriptions. You just need to mount it anywhere in your home where you can get good coverage, plug it to your television, and start watching. Scan and check all the new channels available and watch all of them in HD.

For more information on Octa Air Antenna, click on any of the buttons below.



Octa Air Antenna is designed after modern military technology and could receive broadcasts 50km away from any direction. This gives you access to more channels in HD quality for free.

Long Coaxial Cable

With its sleek, simple design and long coaxial cable you can mount it anywhere at your home especially in much higher places where you can get better coverage.


It works well with any TV model and can also be compatible with laptops and computers if you decide to watch with TV streaming applications. It is quick and easy to setup and you will be able to watch HDTV channels in no time.


“It works. I just bought it recently and I was hoping for more channels and I did get 20 more which is not bad. Some were in HD some are not but it’s still an affordable alternative to cable so it’s a good purchase. Thanks! -“


“I think it’s cool that the Octa Air Antenna can get me channels from multiple network stations and it’s just all for free. I had some issues with the shipping though cause it took longer than I expected. But the wait was worth it.”


“I’m just looking for alternatives for cable TV and I was researching about antennas and I stumbled about this product. It’s much more affordable than the other ones I looked up. I ordered one and I installed it myself. It works fine I had a great time with it.”


“I bought this recently and I also installed it last night. It took me awhile to get more channels and I found out that some of them are not in HD. But I did find 5 or more channels that I liked in HD. So, I’m satisfied with that although it’s not the best I think its nifty. I give it 3 stars.”


“The HD channels are good. I love watching movies on my TV for free. It’s a first for me because a friend recommended this site and I found this one which is right on my budget. And when I found out that it also has a 50 km range I was hooked. I recently installed it and it works well. I’m not sure if this product will last long so I will give it 4 stars.”



AVAILABLE CHANNELS Limited to Cable Plan, Additional charges for extra channels Limited to available local broadcast channels and antenna range
Yes, an HDTV antenna is still way better than cable. If you are still watching limited channels with your overpriced cable TV subscription, it’s absolutely time for a change.

If you have finally decided to switch to HDTV antennas, feel free to use this guide. We update this from time to time to make sure that are recommendations are relevant and useful to our readers.

Digital HDTV antennas cut down your cable expenses while also giving you a lot of channels to choose from. You can save hundreds of dollars a month and even save thousands a year if you make the switch to HDTV antennas. The savings you get from cutting off unnecessary things such as cable can be used to spend on more important things like perhaps, family vacations or financial investments.

Our recommended products have a wide range of features which will enable you to secure clear HD resolution channels in your wide-screen TV. If you install a digital antenna at your home, you might not want to get cable again – ever. This is because all these digital antennas have a wide multidirectional range. A wide multidirectional range allows you to capture broadcasts from every direction and acquire up to 50 channels for the price of one digital TV antenna. It’s a guaranteed bargain that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you are still not convinced about cord-cutting or if you would simply like to know more about different brands and types of antennas, you may read our product reviews and blogs.

If you have already made up your mind about switching to digital antennas, you may choose any of our five recommendations – SkyLink, TV Fix, TV Radius, TV Surf, or Octa Air. Join the cord-cutters community and stop paying for expensive cable. Cut the cord and cut down on your bills. Switch to HDTV antennas.