Flowers, chocolates, and all those mushy romantic stuff isn’t appealing to everyone. It may be due to cynicism, a bad break up, or it’s simply not your interest at all. But just because you’re not fond of the overwhelming romance in the air during Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it in your own way.
Have a fun movie night with these 10 amazing Anti-Valentine’s Day movies with harsh lessons about love to tickle your bitter bitter heart.

1. 500 Days of Summer

Plot: After being dumped by his free-spirited dream girl, Summer, who doesn’t believe in true love, Tom is left heartbroken. He recalls the all the time they spent together to figure out what went wrong.

Lesson: Not every relationship with a great person works out.

2. Gone Girl

Plot: Nick comes home to find his wife of 5 years, Amy, missing in the morning of their anniversary. As he searches for her, clues picked up by the detectives leads them to conclude that he’s the one behind it.

Lesson: Picture perfect doesn’t mean perfect. Some people just shouldn’t be together.

3. Fatal Attraction

Plot: When his wife and daughter are out of town, Dan has a one-night stand with a book editor named Alex. Thinking their tryst was over, he tries to move on. Alex, on the other hand, becomes obsessed and starts stalking his family.

Lesson: Besides the golden rule of cheating is an extremely monstrous act, rendevouz with complete strangers don’t always have a happy ending.

4. The One I Love

Plot: Ethan and Sophie goes on a couple’s retreat in hopes of saving their failing marriage. Little did they know that instead of rekindling their love, their retreat would cause a greater divide.

Lesson: Love the person, not your idea of the person.

5. Blue Valentine

Plot: Dean and Cindy’s marriage are in shambles after only 5 years of marriage with only their daughter, Frankie, as the glue keeping them together.

Lesson: Staying together for the kids isn’t always for the best.

6. Revolutionary Road

Plot: Wanting to escape their boring suburban lives, Frank and April make plans to move their entire family to Paris. However, a few surprises gets in the way of their adventure. April suddenly becomes pregnant and Frank receives a tempting promotion he finds difficult to refuse.

Lesson: A new scene won’t improve a loveless marriage.

7. Ruby Sparks

Plot: Suffering from mental block, young novelist, Calvin, pulls out an old typewriter to create a character who turns out to be his dream girl. Little did he know that he would one day wake up with her, very much real.

Lesson: Love is not about controlling the other person.

8. The Break-Up

Plot: Live-in partners, Gary and Brooke, break up due to irreconcilable differences. He finds her overbearing and she finds him irresponsible. Unfortunately for them, they share an apartment. So, they do the only reasonable thing exes do while sharing a roof. They try to find ways to make the other miserable.

Lesson: Compromise is another key to a lasting relationship.

9. The Girl On The Train

Plot:  Already depressed and battling alcoholism, Rachel’s life turned for the worse when she wakes up in a pool of blood. What’s more is that she becomes a person of interest in a missing person’s investigation.

Lesson: You may never really know the person you’re married to.

10. The Shining

Plot: Jack brings his anxiety-ridden wife and lonely son with him to take care of a hotel closed during the winter. He hopes that their seclusion will allow him to finally finish a playwright he’s been working on. But plans change when cabin fever sets in.

Lesson: Staying with abusers will do you no good.

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