Fart Cushion

This one is a true classic prank which celebrates the juvenile in all of us. And it only requires one thing, a good old-fashioned far cushion. Hide it under a mattress, chair cushion, or pillow. Make sure the room’s nice and quiet so when your victim triggers the far cushion, it echoes.

Minty Chocolate

For a truly diabolical prank, transform tasty Oreos into minty traps of regret. Scrape off the cream off Oreos and replace them with pure white mint toothpaste. Offer them to unsuspecting poor souls and watch as their expectant faces turn into one of pure disgust. Be prepared to lose a few friends though, you evil fiend!

Powder in the Hair Dryer

If you want to make a prank before a date, putting baby powder in a blow dryer is the perfect one. Empty a bottle of powder unto an air dryer and lay it gently on top of the bathroom sink. Wait for them to finish taking a shower and do their hair, then watch them get blasted with powder. You better be prepared to make it up to them though and be considerate by giving them another hour to get ready. Two if you ruined their get up.

Air Horn Chair

Don’t mind getting loud on April fool’s day? Use an airhorn. Securely tape it underneath your unsuspecting victim’s rolling chair. So, when they sit down, they get blasted by the loud sound of an air horn. It’s easy to do and very amusing to see.

Box Costume

If you’re also afraid of clowns but still want to freak a few people out, jump scare them by dressing up as a pile of boxes. Cut boxes in half and create pockets you can fit your arms and legs into for mobility. Then sit back and wait for a victim to scare. Ideal location for this prank is at the garage or office supply room.

Desktop Screenshot

This prank is perfect for all types of environment whether it be at home, at school, or at the office. It’s very easy too. Just take a screenshot of your victim or victims’ desktop and use the image as their new desktop background. Disable or hide the navigation bar and saved desktop icons. Then enjoy your work while watching them struggle to click on their empty screen.

 Universal Remote

Annoy your mom, dad, sibling, or all of them with a universal remote. You can purchase one or download an app right on your phone which can let you control the TV, air condition, and other devices. Take over the entire household’s electronics and watch your loved ones get frustrated by the minute when the channels keep changing. Word of advice though, just don’t get caught.

Team Player

Get a couple of your mates together and a football to create this hilarious prank. Walk around the area and hand over the football to a stranger walking then run away immediately. While they’re confused, have your mates show up screaming and run after the stranger. If you want to go the extra mile with this prank, dress up as football players (works best in a campus environment).

Scary Clown

A lot of people find clowns creepy, no matter the context. Exploit this weakness on April fool’s day by dressing up as a scary clown. Make it extra creepy by carrying a fake mallet and running after people screaming like a crazy person. It may take a lot of effort but the payoff sure is worth it.

Water Maze

The water maze is a simple yet elegant prank that requires quite a bit of time for preparation. First, make sure that you wake up earlier than the victim of your choice, either a sibling or a roommate (it’s not recommended to do this to a parent because they will make you pay, a lot). Next step is to fill up cups with water and place them all around the bed of your sleeping victim. Cover as much of the floor as possible and wait for them to wake up.

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