Romantic-Comedies can be over the top cheesy with protagonists sporting perfectly made up hair and makeup in the morning. The love interest is almost always a bad boy with a surprising passion or a rich man with a cold heart ready to melt. Also, there’s bound to be a best friend that’s always ready to help with inspirational one-liners. They can genuinely be entertaining to watch there’s no doubt about that.

However, romantic-comedies are not the best at portraying good relationship dynamics, promoting healthy eating habits, or depicting real life in general. We should stop comparing our life to these stories and view them as what they really are, entertainment. Because as fun as they can be to watch, most romantic-comedies do encourage toxic views we should no longer be tolerated in 2019.

Take these 6 stereotypes for example:

Woman Are Uptight and Men Are Fun

Women are uptight Type A personalities with a complete checklist of what they want with a man. They’re bossy, mean, and too stiff to have any fun. On the other hand, men are all about fun. They’re irresponsible and immature but that’s what makes them lovable. Women should change into a fun cool girl to keep a man-child.

Movies: Knocked Up, The Break-Up

A Woman Can’t Like Sex Too Much

It doesn’t matter how many sexual partners a man has because it’s in their nature to spread their genes. However, if you’re a woman then you should as much as possible be a virgin before marriage. If not, then at least have the least amount of sexual partners as possible because if you reach a certain amount, say 21, then you will no longer be an eligible bridge. You’re damaged goods. You’re never finding “the one”.

Movies: What’s Your Number?

Men Only Want to Objectify Women

Men are simple-minded creatures who value your physical appearance over anything else. Besides, nobody falls in love at first sight of your personality, amirite? So, why bother thinking and being anything when all you have to do to get a man is to be hot?

Movies: The Ugly Truth

Being Single is An Abomination

No matter how successful you are in your career or how well things are going out for you, if you are single then there is something wrong with you. You will never be happy without a man in your life. You will never be content. The worst thing you can end up being is a spinster so your friends will try desperately to get you to go out and date. And if there aren’t many options, they’ll encourage you to keep dating a jerk who treats you bad as a last-ditch effort.

Movies: The Bridget Jones Diary, The Holiday

Love Over Career

We can’t have it all. You will either have to choose between love and career. If you get a job opportunity in another country, tough luck, you have to turn it down to keep your man. Your boyfriend doesn’t like you changing and being busy with work? Prepare yourself because you will need to resign. A once in a lifetime opportunity to get your dream job is secondary. The right choice will always be love.

Movies: The Devil Wears Prada, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Getting Married is the Endgame

Every woman is obsessed with weddings because a woman’s greatest achievement is landing a man and getting married. To reach this ultimate goal, we start young. We play dress up and stage mock weddings with our dolls. Then as soon as we can draw or write, we think about our wedding dress and future invitations. As we grow older, we save clippings of bridal events and venues. It’s just our destiny.

Movies: 27 Dresses, Bride Wars

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