1. License to Wed

Ben and Sadie are planning on getting married at her family’s church. Problem is the only available slot is within three weeks and the eccentric minister, Reverend Frank, requires they complete his prenuptial program.

2. Sweet Home Alabama

Embarrassed of her southern roots and unhappy with her marriage, Melanie decides to start a new life in New York. Soon, she becomes a successful fashion designer and even becomes engaged to a wealthy politician’s son. But before she can say “I do”, she must first go back home and find her estranged husband.

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

When they were in college, Julianna and Michael made a pact that if they were still single when they turned 28, they would marry each other. So, when Julianna receives a call from his a few weeks before her 28th birthday, she’s delighted. That is until he introduces his fiancée.

4. Monster-in-Law

Charlie finally meets the right man for her, Kevin. And when he proposes, things just keep getting better. But a monster lurks in the shadows, intent on destroying their bliss, his mother.

5. Made of Honor

Upon realizing his love for his longtime friend, Hannah, Tom decides to quit the playboy lifestyle and settle down. However, when Hannah comes back from a trip with a surprise souvenir, things become complicated.

6. Runaway Bride

New York columnist, Ike, is fired for writing a factually erroneous error about Maggie, a serial bride who hast left three men standing in the altar. To redeem himself, he plans on writing a new article and finds her on her fourth groom.

7. The Five-Year Engagement

Tom and Violet are so excited about getting engaged that they start planning their wedding immediately. But due to a series of unexpected events, their nuptials keep getting pushed back. And after a few years, the once happy couple starts thinking they may never walk the aisle.

8. The Wedding Planner

Mary Foire is a successful and seasoned wedding planner in San Franciso intent on being made partner. To achieve the promotion, she pursues being the planner for a society wedding of an heiress. Little did she know that she would meet the perfect guy there. The catch is he’s the groom.

9. 27 Dresses

Wedding-crazed, Jane, has helped plan a total of 27 wedding parties. But the most important one of all is the one she’s been dreaming of with her boss, George.  Unfortunately, a chance meeting causes Jane to end up planning her dream wedding to her boss with her sister as the bride.

10. Bride Wars

Being a June Bride at the Plaza has been a lifelong dream for bestfriends Emma and Liv. So, when the two got engaged, they immediately start planning their weddings as each other’s maids of honor. But when a secretary accidentally spills coffee on the calendar, their wedding days are booked on the same day.

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