Motherhood is certainly a rewarding role. But it’s also a difficult and never-ending task that isn’t for everyone. There are just some women who should not be mothers.

Take these characters for example who will definitely not win any best-mom awards:

Joan Crawford

Mommie Dearest is based on the controversial lifetime book by Christina Crawford, actress Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter. As depicted on both mediums, Christina describes her adoptive mother as an abusive tyrant who had a sadistic nature and bad temper.

In the movie, Joan is obsessed with having a spotless house and is quick to lose her temper when things don’t go her way. When Christina used wire hangers in her closet, Joan threw them on the floor and violently beat up Christina with the hangers. She even strangled her daughter near death.

The story has been disputed by Joan’s two younger adoptive daughters. However, Christine still claims it’s the truth and was backed up by several witnesses that worked alongside Joan. We may never know the truth about how she is in real life. But as far as the movie’s concerned, she’s a true terror.

Margaret White

Featured in the 1978 and 2013 movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Carrie. Margaret is a religious fanatic who strongly believes her husband raped her. Thus, her daughter Carrie was sin incarnate.

Poor, Carrie. Even without her telekinetic powers, she never stood a chance in life with a mother like Margaret. She was often subjected to beatings or locked up in a narrow closet and forced to pray the sins away. Margaret’s violent nature is made worse by her manic episodes and blind fanaticism.

Margaret also refused to educate Carrie about the menstrual cycle, a perfectly normal human function. Instead, she calls Carrie a dirty sinner for going through puberty. She’s a real gem indeed.

Mary Lee Johnson

Portrayed by Mo’Nique in the 2009 movie, Precious. Mary Lee Johnson is mean, violent, and neglectful. She often takes out her frustrations on Precious whom she subjects to terrible beatings. Mary is also more interested in collecting welfare checks than raising her kids. Her neglect caused Precious to develop unhealthy habits and inability to read.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mary blamed Precious for being sexually assaulted by her own father. She also blamed Precious when her dad ran away which is an entirely different level of messed up.

Michelle Crane

She may not be the main antagonist in Insidious and Insidious Chapter 2, it’s undeniable that without the horror that is Michelle Crane, the events would never have occurred.

Desperate for a daughter and bitter about her husband’s abandonment, Michelle becomes an abusive mother who forces her son, Parker, to act as a girl. She even gave him a new name, Marilyn. Not only that, she doesn’t spare him the rod and can be quite physically abusive as depicted in a scene where she slaps him and yells at him for using his real name. She has messed up so much as a mother that Parker becomes a serial killer. He even grew to despise being born a male so much that he attempted to castrate himself and eventually committed suicide.

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