500 Days of Summer

Tom, a hopeless romantic who loves the idea of love, falls for Summer, a woman who doesn’t believe in true love. Despite this difference in opinion, the two enter into a relationship and seem happy together. But on the 290th day after their first meeting, Summer suddenly tells him she wants to break up. This blindsides Tom who, unable to move on, hinks back on the history of their relationship, hoping to figure out where it all went wrong. In doing so, he discovers something else about himself.


An unlikely band of specially trained rodes led by Darwin, a guinea pig, serves as the government’s last line of defense against national threats and destruction. However, when they perform an unauthorized infiltration on the home of billionaire, Leonard Saber, their program gets shut down and they are sent to live out the rest of their days in a pet shop. Undeterred, Darwin implores his gang to see their mission to the end.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The adaptation of the 6th book of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. With the return of the Dark Lord, no one and nowhere is safe. Not even Hogwarts. So, Dumbledore invites the great potions master, Professor Slughorn, to return and tasks Harry to win his favor, hoping he could figure out a secret which could help them defeat Voldemort once and for all.

I Love You, Beth Cooper

Based on the comedy novel of the same name by Larry Doyle. Nerdy valedictorian, Denis Cooverman, professes his love for Beth Cooper, the most popular girl in their school, and taunts her older boyfriend who has graduated years before, Kevin. He later invites Beth and her two friends to his house for a party which only he and his best friend, Rich attends. All seems well albeit very awkward until Kevin arrives, ready to beat Denis up. With the help of Beth, the 5 escape but with the soldiers still hot on their trail.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The third movie installment to the Ice Age franchise. Manny and Ellie are expecting their first child while Diego struggles to hunt and Sid starts longing for a family of his own. So, when he finds three eggs in a cave, he takes them even with Manny protesting he should put them back. What he didn’t expect though was for the eggs to hatch into Tyrannosaurus Rex babies with an angry Mama searching for them.


After the devastating loss of their 3rd child, a stillborn daughter, Kate wants to try another shot at motherhood and decides with her husband, Jon, to adopt a child to complete their family. Though initially planning on adopting a younger girl, the two are taken by with a talented 11 year old girl named Esther. They immediately start processing the adoption and take her home to meet their two other children. At first, Esther seems to be a bright and happy child. But when strange things start to occur, Kate comes to suspect that there’s something wrong with Esther.

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