What makes a villain terrifying? Is it an oversized nose and countless face warts? A dark and twisted song number? A taste for serial murder? There could be loads. The bottom line is though, you would never wish to meet them.

Take these 9 female movie villains for example:

Agatha Trunchbull, Matilda

The brutish principal of Matilda’s school. Trunchbull has a nasty hatred of children, possible every other person in general, and cruelly locks them up in the chokey (a makeshift solitary tube with an open pipe and a door covered in sharp nails). She has a severe obsession with being an athlete. So, if she’s not abusing children by throwing them out windows, she’s exercising to be able to throw them farther away.

But that’s not all, Trunchbull is hinted to have murdered her own brother-in-law for money then later abused and practically robbed her own niece. It’s definitely safe to say that she won’t be winning “Aunt-of-the-Year”  or “Best-Teacher” awards anytime soon.

Anna Wilkes, Misery

Lonely heart and mentally unstable, Anna Wilkes, has an odd way of showing her love. She’s proclaimed herself to be the number one fan of Paul Sheldon, the writer of her favorite literary character. But what does she do to prove it? She uses a sledgehammer to break his ankles (even going as far as chopping his foot off in the books) so he wouldn’t be able to leave her.

What’s even more ironic is she works as a nurse but was serial killer whose victims range from her own father to unfortunate patients who end up in her ward. Talk about an angel of death.

Amy Elliot Dunne, Gone Girl

Amy, she’s as gorgeous as she is crazy. A vengeful woman determined in getting back at those who hurt her, it doesn’t matter the gravity of the grievance is. She’s framed an ex for rape after refusing to wear her gifts and carefully crafted an ex-friend to look like a stalker. Her crazy even turned up several notches when she catches her philandering husband on the act. So, what did she do? Framed him for her murder to get the death penalty.

Amy is truly beautiful, smart, devoid of conscience, and cuckoo. But judging by her narcissistic and frankly, abusive parents, it’s difficult to say if Amy was created to be or just born bad.

Dolores Umbridge, Harry Potter

Voldemort may be the main antagonist of the Harry Potter, series. However, fans collectively hate someone even more, the pink-wearing cat-loving toad-looking Dolores Umbridge. She refused to acknowledge muggle-born witches and tries desperately to hide the fact that she’s a half-blood as well. She tortured the students by making them use a jinxed feather that writes using blood and writes on the skin and uses the blood of the one using it. Also, she wanted to get Sebyl thrown out of Hogwarts. She prevented children from practicing magic.

Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest

Based on the dramatized retelling of Christina Crawford’s alleged abusive upbringing with adoptive mother, actress Joan Crawford. Mommie Dearest features Crawford as a controlling mother who goes beyond corporal punishment to discipline her kids. Often intoxicated, she is portrayed to be prone to fits of rage. Crawford also enjoys humiliating her eldest daughter, Christina, by shredding her favorite dress and asking the principal of her school to confiscate all her clothing and allowing her to only wear a couple of items as punishment.

Much of the story is still up to debate but it can’t be denied that Mommie Dearest is a mother you wouldn’t want to have.

Regina George, Mean Girls

Regina George is probably the most iconic alpha of High School teenage movies to ever have graced the screen. She’s a master manipulator and complete bully who, despite being mean and horrible, is capable of winning over her adoring subjects with a simple flick of her finger. It doesn’t help that she’s confident and charming as well which was made apparent when she turned a prank done on her into a trend.

Regina is the girl you love to hate. No matter how much you try not to, you can’t NOT mention her name or want to please her. She is THAT girl. The one who you may even thank for gracing you with a solid punch straight on your face.

 Nurse Ratched, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Nurse Ratched is the tyrannical head nurse at the Salem State Hospital in the psychiatric ward. Hardened by her experience as an army nurse during World War II, Nurse Ratched appears to be cold and heartless even towards her unfortunate patients. Although there’s nothing really magical about her, what makes her terrifying is that somewhere out there, she exists.

Nancy Downs, The Craft

A troubled teenager, Nancy Downs is the extremely dangerous antagonist of the movie, The Craft. She’s involved in dark witchcraft and has a volatile temper. Nancy relishes in committing her murders and is not a bit remorseful for them. What makes her even more terrifying is that she is powerful enough to shapeshift into other people. Not exactly the type of friend you’d want to hang around with.

Queen Ravenna, Snow White & the Huntsmen

A murderous powerful sorceress who only has three things in her mind; beauty, youth, and power. That’s all that ever mattered to Ravenna who, in desperation to stay the fairest of them all, sucks the youth out of pretty maidens.

She’s also a terrible ruler who was more parasite than a queen. She conquers kingdoms by wicked means but can’t, despite being powerful, keep them running. At least her sister’s domain, whom she also killed by the way, was propering. 

Do you agree with this list? Or do you think you know a more terrifying female movie villain? Comment down below and share!

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