YouTube is filled with millions of great content that can cater to everyone, no matter the interest. It even has channels dedicated to exploring the dark, morbid, gory, and macabre which you can watch for free and without restrictions. And more of them are being uploaded every day!

If you’re one of those into these type of content, check out these YouTube Channels:

Ask a Mortician

Caitlin Doughty, a Mortician, and writer based in Los Angeles, started the channel in October of 2011 as part of her advocacy to encourage a more death positive attitude in the western culture. In this channel, she posts videos about different death-themed stories such as the backstories of Iconic Corpses and the history of various Tombs and Death Rituals.

In addition, Doughty aims to raise awareness through the channel about her profession as a Mortician and Funeral Director with videos that showcase the reality of her career. It is indeed very macabre but also a very engaging learning experience.

Her channel has since featured the stories of Lady Di (a thousand-year-old Chinese Mummy), Rosario Lombardo *the perfectly preserved corpse of a 3-year-old girl who has retained her eyelashes), as well as the theories on what happened to the dead from the Titanic and Mount Everest.

To learn more about Doughty and her advocacy, you can check out the Order of the Good Death  website which she is a member of. It’s a site run by a group of professionals in the funeral industry which contains death positive blog articles, funeral-related events, as well as links to her videos.

Crypt TV

For a great and quick scare, CryptTV is the YouTube channel to subscribe to. It’s a channel created in 2014 by Jack Davis and Eli Roth, serious horror aficionados who launched an entertainment company of the same name in 2015. They’re dedicated to featuring horror-themed content such as short films, full-length film reviews, and creepypasta stories.

Crypt TV is full of insanely creative and terrifying short horror films that will keep you up throughout the night. It also has several series such as the Crypt Monster Universe, the Look-See, Sunny Family Cult, and Ghost Hunting with LeeAnn Vamp you can follow. New videos are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And if you’re an aspiring horror filmmaker, Crypt TV accepts project submissions on their website. So, you can have your story be turned into a real movie or have it featured on their channel.

Glam & Gore

If you combine beauty, SFX makeup, and love of horror stories, you get Glam & Gore. It’s a YouTube channel created in May of 2014 by Mykie, an extremely talented self-taught professional beauty and special effects makeup artists. She is also very popular in the beauty community and has over 3.5 million subscribers and almost 400 million total views.

Mykie is energetic, creative, and super into transformation makeup. Ever since she started her channel, she has since turned herself into a Bratz Doll, the Mad Hatter From Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland, The Grinch, Squidward, several of Disney’s most beloved princesses (and their creepy counterpart of course), and even into her dog, Ripley.

Besides participating in challenges in the beauty community (such as “someone” does my makeup, doing makeup while on a moving car, using predictive text, and so on), Mykie also does a Halloween series every year where she visits haunted places, tells the story of what makes them haunted, and does her signature 2 looks (one glam version and one gore version).

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