5 Kinds of Spy Movies

The best spy films out there have been the cornerstone of action and drama in the entertainment industry. Spanning over decades with different actors portraying the over suave gentleman, James Bond popularized the genre, captivating fans worldwide. But the spy genre...

5 Most Famous Game Show Franchises

Television game shows have been popular since way back. Every year there are new game shows with exciting new mechanics and twists. Different countries also create unique game shows that bring entertainment to a variety of audiences. Some game shows even...

10 Coming-of-Age Movies

Let’s face it, everybody must grow up. Teenage years may be one of the most pleasurable times of a person’s life, but they can also be challenging as well.

9 Crime Series to Binge on Friday Nights

  Fascinated with crimes? Check out these award-winning documentaries that dig deep into real crimes, offer a different perspective, explain context behind the facts, and show the true people behind them. 1. 48 HOURS  A reality crime series which follows...

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