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The short answer is, yes, AirTV Player is definitely a game changer.

Is it a luxury for you to keep your monthly cable subscription? Having subscribed to a cable service provider can cost you big money. The huge monthly bill is not the only thing that stresses subscribers, but also some providers require you to lock in for years to avail their service.

Many of us are stuck with cable-less television. What a dull life. If you do not have the money to spend on expensive cable or just not up for the commitment of locking in to a service provider, then we have exactly what you need. The new AirTV Player!

AirTV Player is an all-in-one entertainment system for your television. If you have an internet connection, a television, and an antenna, then the AirTV Player can certainly benefit you. With this great entertainment system, you can stream local channels with Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Most popular television shows are available on the internet, so you do not need cable to watch them. You can access them for free.

With AirTV Player, you could also increase the range of your existing antenna by combining its adapter to AirTV. This way, you can have a wider coverage and have more channels to chose from. With this you can also have access to your favorite media providers such as Sling, Netflix, and YouTube. A whole lot more in store for you when you avail the new AirTV Player.


I live in the countryside. My family and I enjoy watching television. Way back in 2015, we were subscribed to a cable service provider. We enjoyed it for some time but the bills just started piling up. We had to give it up because having cable isn’t a luxury that we can afford any more. My son saw this product on the internet and told me to give it a try. We hooked it up on our flat screen and to our surprise, it works wonders! Every night we have our family time in front of the TV and watch our favorite shows. I am so happy I bought this product because we get to spend our family time again.

 Jared Bell

The AirTV Player is such a good product. I thought it was bogus because I did not believe that it at first. I have a TV in my apartment, but I can’t afford cable. I don’t like watching the channels that my antenna can get me so I opted to buy one of these. At first I was pleased about the increase of coverage it got me. But I was more pleased when I found out that I could watch Netflix on this thing! Now I have access to all sorts of shows and movies. I recommend everyone to buy this product.

Marybeth Sunders

What I really like about this product is that it is very user friendly. I’m a mom and tech stuff aren’t really my thing. My kids are not always around so I tend to get all confused with this new high-tech stuff around the house. My daughter bought this AirTV Player for us last Christmas. The remote is really easy to understand. I just love watching TV with this thing. I watch news and get updates from the internet. I can watch my favorite TV shows from online media providers. Just amazing. I really have to thank my daughter for buying this product.


AirTV Player rocks! It is just simply amazing. You see, I’m a college student and I live in a dorm room. I have access to the building’s WiFi and I have a TV. But my roommates and I can’t afford cable so back then we really don’t use my TV. I bought the AirTV Player last month and we just love it! We get to watch Netflix all the time. Sometimes we invite friends over because we are the only ones who have access to the most popular shows. It kind of makes us more popular I guess. It’s awesome!


Normae Halsey

I never knew that you could watch almost all tv series on the internet. For so long I have been subscribed to cable and I never realized how much money I’ve been spending. My boyfriend told me to check this product out and I did. I ended my cable subscription which lasted ever since I could remember. I bought one and hooked it up to my TV. And at that moment, I never looked back. AirTV is truly amazing! I can watch Netflix, I can watch YouTube, I even have access to a lot of applications thanks to Google Play. Wow! I thought I could never have a better television experience but my mind is just blown away.


AirTV Player Entertainment System Review

The AirTV Player is not that expensive. It really saves you money compared to having subscribed to a cable service provider. Features quick and easy installation so that’s a plus. Picture is clear and not hazy or blurry at all. Remote control can be easily understood. No confusing buttons or labels. The coverage of your antenna increases once it is hooked it to the AirTV. More channels can be watched. Overall you will be satisfied by the performance of this product. You really get your money’s worth. Is it a must have for every household? Yes, because it saves you a lot of money. And most shows are streamed on the internet anyways so might as well watch it there.

  • AirTV Player saves you a lot of money by paying one-time only for the product rather than having to spend on a monthly cable bill. It gives you access not only to television shows but also to popular media service providers such as Netflix and YouTube. Additionally, it features easy installation and comes with a user-friendly remote control.

  • You need to have an internet connection to enjoy the fullest potential of the AirTV Player. Google Play is only compatible if you have an Android TV although most televisions are using Android OS.

Our Final Verdict

Cable is now a thing of the past thanks to AirTV Player. It is an entertainment system that gives you access to your favorite television shows without having to be subscribed to a cable service provider. Since most popular TV shows are streamed on the internet, it is best that you opt for the AirTV instead of cable.

With this product, you can have access to Sling, Netflix, and even YouTube for free. Google Play can also be accessed if you have an Android TV. AirTV Player features a very easy installation process and it comes with a user-friendly remote control. The remote control is equipped with voice integration, Bluetooth connectivity, and a one-touch button for streaming on media service providers.

If you have an antenna, you can increase your channel coverage by hooking it up to your AirTV Player. All you need to enjoy a better television experience is a TV, Internet connection, and an antenna.

With this product, you can end your expensive cable contracts and save a lot of money, and still enjoy quality television. AirTV Player has changed the game when it comes to online streaming and good television. It is a high-tech piece of equipment that can be easily understood. Overall, we are very satisfied with AirTV Player.


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