LiveWave Antenna: Is It This Year’s Best High-Tech Antenna?

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  • Range 97%
  • Reception 96%
  • Cable Length 97%
  • Price 95%


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We Reviewed the All-New LiveWave Antenna to Find Out if It Is Indeed This Year’s Best Antenna

Why settle with either an ordinary TV antenna or an expensive cable subscription when you can have the best of both worlds with LiveWave?

Do you want to enjoy quality television without spending too much? Subscribing to a cable service provider can give you access to hundreds of channels, yes, but it can easily drain out your bank account without you even noticing it. Luckily there is a more affordable yet better way for you to enjoy great TV without emptying your pockets, thanks to LiveWave.

LiveWave is not your typical HDTV Antenna. Unlike traditional antennas, LiveWave is more advanced. It is not a noticeable device that you hook up to your TV and place beside your TV set. It is an adaptor like device which you plug on an AC outlet and connects to your TV input.

Installation takes no more than one minute with this amazing high-tech device. Once installed, you can go to your TV menu to scan for new channels and there you go! You can have access to hundreds of new channels without having to spend anything. It is absolutely free.

How does this work? LiveWave uses a state-of-the-art technology which uses your existing house wiring as a giant antenna dish to receive TV signals. What’s great about this device is that it does not require any electricity at all! Now that is such a steal!


The LiveWave Antenna has really proven me wrong. I had plenty of doubts about buying this antenna because it was simply too good to be true. How could I possibly have access to hundreds of channels with a device that small? I ordered one anyway because I was desperate. The package arrived within a week and I installed it right away. After scanning for new channels I was surprised to see a lot more programs than I had before. LiveWave Antenna is a great product and you need to buy one now. You will be pleased with the results. I just love it! 

Irene King

I got sick and tired of having no cable subscription. I wanted to throw my TV because of the crappy channels that it could receive. I bought this LiveWave just to test it out. I guessed it was a better choice rather than paying monthly cable bills. I like that it was not a chunky device. It was small and could hardly be seen once installed. I am very pleased with the signal reception because it did give me access to a lot of channels. I recommend this to everyone who wants to enjoy great TV who are on a tight budget. 


I made budget cuts about a month or two ago and had to let go of my cable subscription. It was just a heavy thing to deal with every month. My family and I are not the biggest fans of TV yet we pay a monthly cable bill. But I still wanted for my kids to have access to fun programs. I bought the LiveWave Antenna as a replacement to out cable subscription. My kids really love it because they get to watch great shows. If I had known that the LiveWave exists before, I would have let go of my cable subscription a long time ago. 

Helen James

What I like the most about LiveWave is its appearance. Who would’ve thought that a device this tiny can deliver you great results? I invited my friends over for an afternoon and they actually thought I had cable. I told them about LiveWave and I persuaded two of my friends to buy it. The three of us are all impressed by LiveWave. It is just a great product overall. It saves you a lot of money. You can watch a lot of shows from different channels without going bankrupt because of bills. Buy one now before these run out of stock! 

Martin Humphrey

As a tech-savvy guy, I am quite impressed by this LiveWave Antenna. I bought the LiveWave Antenna just to test it out and compare it to others. For a device this small, it does pack a punch. Installation was very easy and quick. I just had to plug it in an AC outlet and connect it to my TV. Done! Scanning for new channels is a standard thing to do so no hassle about that. It gives you access to a lot of new channels. It pretty much does what it is advertised to do so I am not disappointed at all. 10/10 would be pleased with this product.  

Josh Gibbins

LiveWave Antenna Review

The LiveWave Antenna is a high-tech device that performs very well. It is not like traditional HDTV antennas. It is a modern, advanced, adaptor-like device which you connect to an AC outlet. Once plugged in, you connect the cable to your TV. It delivers a fairly good number of channels. LiveWave does not require any electricity at all. Even though it is plugged in, it will not draw out any power. It is a great alternative to being subscribed to cable service providers. You get the same results without having to pay monthly cable bills. LiveWave Antenna has changed the way we watch television.


    • Easy Installation – Installing the LiveWave antenna does not take more than a minute. Simply Plug it on an AC outlet and connect the cable to your TV input. It is as simple as that.
    • No Electricity Needed – LiveWave Antenna does not require any electricity for it to operate. It is 100% safe to use.

º  You have to click on “scan for new channels” which is an option on your television menu. This step might take a few minutes.


LiveWave Antenna has changed the way we see antennas. For the longest time, we are used to seeing antennas as a device which stands on top or beside a television set. LiveWave looks like an adaptor which you plug on an outlet and hook to the back of your TV. Once the installation is done, you scan for new channels on your TV and wait for the new channels to show.

LiveWave Antenna gives you access to hundreds of channels and delivers great picture and sound. Even though it does not look like an HDTV Antenna, it surely performs better. It delivers high-quality resolution and gives you crisp sound. It also does not draw power even though it is connected to an AC outlet. The LiveWave does not need electricity for it to work.

If you cannot afford to subscribe to a cable service provider, the LiveWave Antenna is perfect for you. With this high-tech device, you get to watch great quality television without having to spend a lot of money. You can experience the feeling of having cable for a way cheaper price.

Do we recommend the new LiveWave Antenna? Yes, 100%! You should buy one now to experience a great television experience for free!



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