Octa Air Antenna: High-Definition Indoor TV Antenna Review

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  • Range 95%
  • Reception 90%
  • Cable Length 82%
  • Price 93%


Total Rating

Octa Air Antenna HD Indoor TV Antenna

Cable TV lumps together good and unpopular channels in overpriced plans that trick you into thinking that you are getting what you pay for. What they don’t tell you though is that those channels you watch are broadcasted on-the-air for free. No cable subscription necessary.

So stop throwing money on cable TV. Cut your cord and watch all the channels you want without limits. Get Octa Air Antenna, an indoor antenna with a multi-directional receiver and a reach of over 50km. It can receive a hundred local channels and is powerful enough to support broadcasts in High-Definition to give you the best live TV experience.

What’s more is that you can save money without giving up TV. Octa Air Antenna comes with no contracts or subscription fees. It  is a one-time purchase that can save you thousands.

You can now be free from restrictive cable plans. Spend your money more wisely. Go completely cable-free with Octa Air Antenna.


I’m very impressed with Octa Air Antenna because it actually delivers on its promise to access free local stations and in high definition. I was able to get more channel stations than I expected which was a nice surprise. I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Would definitely recommend.


Not the best one in my opinion but Octa Air Antenna definitely works. Very easy to set up and I was able to get a good amount of channels. The antenna is cheap and you could kinda feel it on the materials used. But the overall performance is good for the price point so that’s nice. Octa Air Antenna is a solid antenna.

Anthony Jackson

anonymous avatar

This is my favorite HDTV antenna because of 4 reasons. 1st reason is it can reach further than all the other antennas I tried. 2nd is I got all my favorite channels in HD. 3rd is it’s not complicated to install or set up. And 4th it’s helping me save a lot. I will never be going back to cable plans again because now I have Octa Air Antenna.



anonymous avatar

It’s cheap and it’s obvious. I only had 20 watchable channels with this antenna. Only 5 can be considered High-Definition. I did get another 10 more but the resolution was so poor that they don’t count. According to the channel checker I used I was supposed to get loads but no matter how much I keep scanning for channels, I don’t get any more. Because of that I’m only giving Octa Air Antenna 3 stars. It worked but not enough that I’d keep using it.



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Octa Air Antenna works much better than I expected. I got almost 100 channels and some are in HD. Then again I live in the city with lots of network stations. Resolution was great and installment was finished in 5 minutes. What took quite a while was the delivery. I ordered Octa Air Antenna on November and it only arrived on January. Took more than a month but the customer service I talked to was helpful in updating my order and I’m satisfied with the antenna so call it even.

Cedric Ang


Octa Air Antenna is a digital antenna which has the ability to receive broadcasts 50km away from whatever direction. No need to point it directly at the towers because it is powerful enough to receive transmissions regardless of the weather. It is easy to install and it comes with no strings attached. You only have to pay for it once, upon purchasing. After that, it’s all free!

Octa Air

Weight 86g
Dimensions (Cm) 296x75mm
Color Black
Reception Hi-Definition
 Coaxial Cable Length (Feet) 4 meters

We can say that Octa Air is a real money saver compared to cable TV. Aside from having no subscription fees whatsoever, you do not have to pay for installment fees either. To start using it, just connect Octa Air Antenna to your TV screen using the coaxial cable it came with and it works instantly. It is compatible with all screens that have iOs or Android systems, too.



  • Multi-directional antenna
  • Clear and high-definition reception
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy installment steps


  • Channel list unstable


Octa Air Antenna is an effective but really affordable solution to getting live TV without cable. This antenna gives you access to all available free channels broadcasted near you. It has a 50km reach which is wider than most indoor antennas and is ready for High-Definition broadcasts.

I was able to get as much as 60 channels including ABC, FOX, NBC and PBC. Most were in HD and only a handful was pixelated. At first, I was worried that the resolution wouldn’t be very good as wide ranged antennas tend to be weaker than short ranged ones in terms of maintaining a strong connection. However, Octa Air Antenna proved to be impressive not only in receiving a great amount of channels but also in providing high picture quality.

What Octa Air Antenna can’t guarantee though is that everyone would get the same amount and quality of channels. Different factors can affect signal transmission such as the distance of network towers and existing obstructions in the terrain. Always check first what channels you can get and set realistic expectations. Movie programs like HBO are not broadcasted for free. So if you’re a movie junky, I suggest complimenting Octa Air Antenna with a streaming subscription or two.

Overall, Octa Air Antenna is a great antenna. It’s affordable but high-quality. Provides great picture resolution and has a wide multi-directional range. It comes with no monthly subscriptions and works for all screens.

Cut your cable cord and start getting what you pay for. Switch to Octa Air Antenna now. Click the button below to order and enjoy a special discount on us.


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