SkyLink Antenna Review: Is it the best digital TV antenna yet?

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  • Range 82%
  • Reception 92%
  • Cable Length 90%
  • Price 88%


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Why pay for regular channel broadcasts when you can watch everything in full HD for free? TV networks are legally required to provide broadcast signals for free. Cable providers just make it harder for old-school antennas to pick them up. But with SkyLink Antenna, you can take advantage of that.

It’s is an advanced HDTV antenna which can pick up signals in VHF (Very High Frequency) and VLF (Very Low Frequency). What’s more is that it has an optimum range over 30 miles. Made with a multidirectional receiver and a high-performance cable. It works universally for all TV screens and computer monitors.

SkyLink Antenna is also more powerful than your regular antenna because it has a wider range and has no need for manual pointing. Works instantly to give you access to free broadcast channels in full HD. Plus, SkyLink is cheaper than the most basic cable plan. You just pay once for the antenna and nothing else. No monthly subscriptions required.

With SkyLink Antenna, you can save more for the same live TV programming. It’s the ultimate TV companion.


Delivery was quick and the antenna works just as advertised. I was able to get more than 50 channels and about 40 of those are in great quality. Had to use a different cable though because my flat screen was installed far from windows and the cable included with the antenna was too short for that. Wasn’t really a problem for me because I got some spare cable at home. So far so good and I’m extremely pleased with this antenna.

Derick Thompson

I was too scared to end my cable subscription because I didn’t think I’d really get any channels by using antennas. It was just an alien thing to me. And when I received my order of skylink I felt for sure I was duped because it basically looked like a pad. It is just so thin and looked a bit flimsy. I literally think it was a joke. But when I plugged it to my TV I’m now thoroughly convinced. I got great channels and they all seem to be in really high resolution. Works great!


I expected too much because this product was hyped. So far I was only able to get more than 30 channels even though my house is near network towers. I thought I’d get at least 50 but I guess that’s better than only having 20. I’ve tried putting it on windows and high places to increase my chances of getting more channels. I did order a signal booster as well so I guess I’ll have to see how that goes. It works, I think other antennas could do better, but given the price I guess it’s better than paying for cable every month.



Should have cancelled my cable long ago because tv antennas are way better. Never have to worry about late payments or sudden spikes in charges for cable ever again. Skylink comes with no monthly fees. Very much recommend it.



First thing you have to know about skylink is that you have to be patient because the delivery takes a while. Don’t know if it’s because of the shipment process or if they just took too long in preparing order. Second thing you have to know is that it’s worth the wait. It’s easy to install and works great. The picture quality is good and you don’t have to pay for the channels every month. What more can you want?

Richard Ong


SkyLink Antenna is a great antenna for small spaces because it’s compact and easy to install. With a weight of only 226g and dimensions of 4.5cm x 3.5 cm x 1.2cm, you can easily store it anywhere. The signal receiver is made from a flexible paper-thin material which can fit most spaces. You may opt to place it anywhere that its 7.8 feet coaxial cable may allow. It can also pick up signals as far as 30-miles to give you as much as 60 channels.

Skylink Antenna

Weight 226g
Dimensions (Cm) 4.5x3.5x1.2
Color Black
Reception Hi-Definition
Coaxial Cable Length (Feet) 7.8
SkyLink Antenna includes a high-performance cable which works universally for all TV screens. It doesn’t need a separate power source and immediately starts receiving channels once plugged to a screen.


  • High-Definition images
  • Easy-storage design
  • Picks up a great amount of channels

  • Signal receiver is flexible but seems easily worn down
  • Indoor use only


Whether you’re tired of paying for terrible cable services or simply want to find more affordable alternatives to getting TV channels, SkyLink is highly recommended. It’s multidirectional and has a wide range so you’re guaranteed to pick up a lot of great channels.

SkyLink Antenna is made with a powerful signal receiver strong enough to sustain high-definition resolution even during extreme weather. You can stay updated on the news at any time. It’s a very effective indoor antenna that certainly gives you more than what you pay for.

Just a disclaimer, premium channels like HBO, Star World, Star Movies, and other similar channels are NOT broadcasted over-the-air for free. They do make money off subscriptions too. HBO specifically offers exclusive TV box receivers and online streaming services for their content.

What is available for free are channels like news, sports and alike. But if you’re really into movies, I suggest pairing SkyLink Antenna with an online streaming service. The basic subscriptions average on $7 to $15 a month. That way you can get free live TV programs and entertainment content online that’s customized for you.

Start saving more by getting rid of your cable TV subscription. Get SkyLink Antenna instead to watch your favorite shows and get the latest news in High-Definition for no extra costs. Order now to avail of a limited time offer.


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