TV Fix Antenna Review 2018: Is this HD indoor antenna worth buying?

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  • Range 92%
  • Reception 98%
  • Cable Length 95%
  • Price 95%


Total Rating



90 out of 100 channels are broadcasted on the air for free. However, cable companies still charge subscribers extra dollars for them. The cheapest cable plan averages on $103 dollars. So you could be paying approximately $4 per channel with no guarantee you would even like them. Why bother paying for scraps when you can legally access all the channels you want for free?

Take the leap by cutting the cord on your cable bills and switching to better and smarter alternatives. Give TV Fix Antenna a try. It’s an HDTV antenna compatible for a wide range of TV screens and models equipped with a coaxial outlet. Enjoy unlimited access to locally broadcast cable channels in high definition. No monthly subscriptions needed. No extra charges. TV Fix Antenna is a one-time purchase for a complete TV upgrade.


Admittedly, I had trouble connecting TV Fix Antenna to my screen and blamed it. Turns out I was plugging the coaxial cable into the wrong outlet. I have since realized my mistake and found the right one. Things have been working smoothly. Got about 70+ channels and even picked up radio stations on my TV. A good purchase if you’re looking to start getting into cable-cutting. Remember it is meant for indoors though. I would not risk sticking it outside and let it get wet when it rains.


The package was shipped very fast but I only got around to trying it this week. I have just recently cancelled my cable subscription which took a long time and I felt compelled to watch the most I can until it ended. Back to the antenna. Great quality and very good reception. TV Fix Antenna is way cheaper than cable but works far better because I got so many channels without monthly fees. Exceeded my expectations. Never wasting a dollar for cable TV again.


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TV Fix Antenna works as advertised and is working well. Personally thought it was going to be a bust because it’s only sold online. Happy to be pleasantly surprised though. Installed it as soon as it was delivered. At first I mounted in on a wall near my TV but I wasn’t satisfied with the number of channels so I tested out other areas. Works better if placed near windows or exits. Also read that it’s better to mount it away from other electronics which could disrupt the signals.


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I’ve only been using TV Fix Antenna for a week now so I’m still on the testing phase. So far so good though which is a good sign. I did get lots of channels. The unit itself was easy to set up and store away. You unbox it and connect it to your TV and that’s it, pretty much like any other antenna. I did test out if I could use antenna for multiple TV sets by using a splitter and it ran without problems. It was only for a couple of minutes so I’m not sure how that would work for the long run. But overall, great reception.


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We were very reluctant to cancel our cable because we watch tv every night after work but I just didn’t think it was worth it anymore. TV Fix Antenna is the best solution we found. It gets really good signal and doesn’t need much amplifier to pick up channels. Getting it to work was easy enough. Good product!



TV Fix Antenna is a great indoor HD antenna which has a decent reach and very good signal reception. Forms reliable connection from different sources and produces HD quality image.

Sleek and simple design. Comes with an adhesive at the head of the cable for mounting against the wall.  What it doesn’t come with is a manual. They only have a digital copy which you can check at their website. Although, TV Fix Antenna is fairly easy to install without a manual anyway.

TV Fix HDTV Antenna product image

TV Fox

Weight 8 ounces
Dimensions (Cm) 10x23x0.1
Color Black/White
Reception 1080p Resolution
Coaxial Cable Length (Feet) 7.8
TV Fix Antenna is compatible with a wide range of TV screens. This antenna can also be used for desktops and laptops.


  • 1080p Resolution
  • More affordable than cable
  • Easy to store
  • Maintains strong signal reception
  • Multiple platforms


  • May need longer cable for better reach


This is perhaps the best antenna I’ve tried so far. Reasonably well priced. Definitely worth every penny if not more.

TV Fix Antenna claims to have a 35 mile radius reach but I think it has more. And you can probably boost the reach with simple hacks like using reflectors, I did and it worked. Got more channels compared to when I still had cable. The reception is leagues better than the other antennas that I tested. It’s excellent with crystal clear image resolution.

I did not encounter any problems with the installment. You plug the antenna to your screen and then scan for available channels. Pretty easy. Anyone can do it so I don’t mind not having a manual at hand.

The cable is shorter than I anticipated though which limits the places where I can install the antenna. Not a major issue but you can get a longer one if you want to maybe place it on a high place or if your TV screen is placed away from the window. I also suggest laying the antenna flat because for some bizarre reason, it picks up signals better that way.

TV Fix Antenna are currently discounted and costs about $35 per unit. But if you buy more units at once, you can get even greater discounts. Click the button below to check the prices. Order now to take advantage of the sale. Happy saving!



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