TV Scout Antenna Review 2018: Is it this year’s best antenna?

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  • Range 88%
  • Reception 94%
  • Cable Length 95%
  • Price 90%



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Cable plans include an average of 190 channels. How many do people usually watch from? 20. Not even half of the amount they are subscribed to.

The reason is mainly that not everyone can afford to binge watch on all the channels. Network competition also means that the highest rated shows are aired at the same time, forcing viewers to pick one show at a time and missing the others.

It’s expensive and does not come with a guarantee that the popular channels would be included. Either you pay extra to include them or upgrade your plan. The end result is the same, you spend more.

But what cable providers don’t want you to know is that most channels are broadcasted for free. You don’t need cable to access them.

You can access all the channels you want with no extra costs by getting TV Scout Antenna, a strong digital antenna that can receive signals from miles away.

No more extra charges for the channels you want. No more heavy monthly subscriptions.

TV Scout Antenna is a one-time purchase that can give you unlimited access to hundreds of local broadcast channels.

Cut back on your costs and save thousands of dollars in a year. End your cable subscription and save more with TV Scout Antenna.


In an effort to break free from the oppressive cable TV with their exorbitant subscription fees, I finally decided to cancel my subscription and switch to using an antenna. Initially, I wanted to get an outdoor antenna since my thinking is that it will get me more channels, but my friend convinced me to try TV Scout Antenna. He has been using it for weeks and had good things to say. I can say that I am very pleased I listened because for the price point I got about 50 channels and almost all of them are clear.


Anna May

I’m fortunate enough that all the TV stations have towers near my home so it’s not as difficult to pick up on channel signals. I like that TV Scout Antenna is a multi-directional and don’t need to be pointed directly at the towers or routinely repositioned. The reception is pretty clear and consistent. A must if you don’t want to give up TV and for the price, you can’t really complain. Cool.



anonymous avatar

To be honest it looks basic and kinda cheap. Thought it was just a piece of thick paper in my opinion. Didn’t really think it would work but this TV Scout Antenna has been working great! Easy to set up. Pretty much straightforward. Plug it, scan, and that’s it. The channel scanning took time but I got really good ones. A winning bargain for such a low cost antenna. I’m not sure how durable the entire thing is though. I’ll have to see how long it would last.



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Finally found an antenna that works for me. Thought I’d miss out on a lot of great shows but that’s not the case. I have more channels than ever before without having to pay more for them. Even when I had to reposition the antenna after redecorating the house I didn’t lose any channels. And I’m now saving $80 more compared to when I still had cable TV. TV Scout Antenna is one of the best good investments I had.



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Cable has become too expensive for us and I wasn’t spending much time watching tv anyway so I dropped it. TV Scout Antenna is the first digital antenna I tried ever since and I on’t think I’d be looking for another one any time soon because it’s been working well for me. A lot cheaper than cable but I still have access to my favorite networks. It’s great!




TV Scout Antenna is made from high-quality products and optimized to work with various TV units. It gives you access to high-definition channels that are broadcasted over the air for free without monthly fees.

 TV Scout HDTV Antenna

TV Scout HDTV Antenna

Weight 8 ounces
Dimensions (Cm)  10x23x0.1
Color Black
Reception HD
 Coaxial Cable Length (Feet) 7.8

This is a modernized antenna which is made to be compact and automatically comes with a coaxial cable. A plug and play upgrade anybody can set up.


  • Quick and simple set up
  • Receives good channels
  • HD resolution

  • Shorter range
  • May need an amplifier


Installing TV Scout Antenna takes no time at all. Easy enough to do on your own unlike with older and heavier antennas. I prefer this one, indoor antennas in general, because they take up less space and doesn’t need much effort in installment.

TV Scout Antenna is thin and paperweight which makes for easy mounting. There’s an adhesive behind the cable head for that. I placed it against the wall near a window to get better reception. It did not disappoint.

This antenna is a good alternative to cable. The signal does not break easily and is quite clear. I got a good amount of watchable channels too. Wasn’t watching tv much before anyway so losing channels did not bother me as much and it was easier to cut cable expenses. But if you spend a lot of time at home, make sure first just how many channels you can get.

Indoor antennas like TV Scout Antenna have stronger connection for high-resolution channels but they tend to have shorter ranges compared to outdoor types. Consider getting an amplifier to boost the reach.

For what you pay for in a standard cable plan, you can get 4 TV Scout antennas for the entire household.  Get more from your money. Go cable-free and try out TV Scout Antenna. Click the button below to check out the special discounts!



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