TVNowPro Antenna: High-Definition Indoor TV Antenna Review

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  • Range 95%
  • Reception 90%
  • Cable Length 82%
  • Price 93%



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TVNowPro Antenna cut the cable cord

Can TVNowPro Antenna  replace your cable?

Networks commonly broadcast channels in HD but cable providers compress the quality to save on bandwidth. They then include lower quality broadcasts in their cable plans and charge $1 to $4 for them in HD. That’s not fair especially since they are available on air for free.

You can access live TV channels aired for free with TVNowPro Antenna. It’s a digital antenna with a paper-thin and lightweight receiver which can pick up signals within 30 miles. Small but very durable. Get as much as 80 channels or more including popular ones like ABC, BBC, Fox and CW.

No monthly subscription required. No stressful setups or heavy hardware. Plug TVNowPro Antenna to your TV and get instant and unlimited access.

Don’t be limited by cable plans. End your subscription now to save more and stay update with TVNowPro Antenna.


The good; clear resolution, gets hd channels, picks up lots of signal broadcasts, very cheap, easy to install, good customer service. The bad; cable is short and there was a mix up with the delivery which took 3 more weeks than promised. Other than that, I think it’s worth a try.



Cancelled my cable plan and switched to Netflix an Amazon subscriptions. Also got sling tv for tv channels but we couldn’t get the local ones we watch. Also using them altogether was taking a toll on our internet usage that it became too slow for normal browsing. Our solution instead was to get an antenna for live tv programs. Tvnowpro is the 3rd one I tried and I’m very happy with it. We got great hd channels like news and sports. It’s very easy to set up and doesn’t take up much storage space. Very good antenna.

Anthony Jackson

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I was really looking forward to trying out tvnowpro because my friend strongly recommended it to me and the reviews I read about it were great. But I’m just not happy with it. Doesn’t appear much of an improvement from the last one I bought. I got 40 signals with about 5 or so being radio broadcasts. Do I think this is the best antenna? Not really. Do I think it works? Yep, it works decent enough. Would I continue using it? Probably.



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It’s cheap and it’s obvious. I only had 20 watchable channels with this antenna. Only 5 can be considered High-Definition. I did get another 10 more but the resolution was so poor that they don’t count. According to the channel checker I used I was supposed to get loads but no matter how much I keep scanning for channels, I don’t get any more. Because of that I’m only giving Octa Air Antenna 3 stars. It worked but not enough that I’d keep using it.


Eric Fletcher

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I finally got tv nowpro last month and I was so excited to try it out because my previous antenna wasn’t working very well. It did not disappoint. I was only getting 20 channels at most before but with tv nowpro I got more than 70. It was overwhelming that I had to remove a few channels from the list. Overall very great reception and picture quality. Hope it lasts long though because the antenna seems very fragile and easily broken.



TVNowPro Antenna is a modern digital antenna which can pick every signal that comes within its 30-mile range. It’s multi-directional so you won’t have to struggle with getting a signal. It works for all screens and compatible with HD receivers. It only weighs 86 grams and is only 9 in.x 4.33 in which makes it very easy to store. The package includes a standard 2.4 meter coaxial cable but if you feel like storing it somewhere far from your TV for optimal results, you can always use your own coaxial cable if you have one on hand.

TVNowPro Antenna

Weight 86g
Dimensions (Inches) 9x4.33
Color Black
Reception 1080p
 Coaxial Cable Length (Meters) 2.4

To start using it, simply plug TVNowPro Antenna antenna using the inclusive coaxial cable to any screen. Turn your screen on and enjoy live TV programs for free. No need to plug the antenna to a power source either so you can save thousands by cutting cable and reducing your electric bill.


  • 2 step installment
  • Affordable
  • No monthly fees required
  • Very good reception

  • No solid channel plan


TVNowPro Antenna is an effective digital antenna which can help you save a lot. It picks up very good channels and even HD broadcasts. It’s not as prone to signal loss due to strong winds and is compatible with all tv screens and HD receivers. You can use it to watch live TV on a computer monitor too but you’d need to have a coaxial receiver box.

Easier to use than cable TV because there’s no hardware required other than the receiver and the cable. Less stressful too. If you decide to move houses or want to stop using the antenna, you can always unplug it and set it up elsewhere. You won’t have to jump through company loops to end your subscription either because there’ isn’t any.

You can have more freedom if you choose to go with TVNowPro Antenna. Your hard-earned money can be spent on more important investments or indulgences. The downside is that a solid channel plan is not provided and checking services are not entirely accurate. They can help you get a gist on what are available but they’re not guaranteed. However, the benefits are worth it so TVNowPro Antenna has my approval.

Don’t pay extra for HD again. Get them all for free with no monthly fees. Cut your cable cord and try out TVNowPro Antenna. Order now to get a special discount.


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