TVRadius Antenna: High-Definition Indoor TV Antenna Review

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  • Range 90%
  • Reception 95%
  • Cable Length 89%
  • Price 92%


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TVRadius Antenna watch free TV channels

Is TVRadius Antenna worth buying?

When you subscribe to a cable plan, you are usually charged $100 for 100 channels. Now that may look good on paper but the truth is that cable providers are ripping you off. Plans are packaged to include a handful of popular channels and are filled with unpopular ones. They even include radio broadcasts and duplicate broadcasts to make the list appear longer. You are essentially only paying for 20 good channels or less. And that’s just not fair.

Don’t be fooled by cable TV. End your subscription now and try out other cheaper alternatives. Try out TVRadius Antenna. It’s a digital indoor antenna which can capture 100 channels broadcasted over the air channels in HD and for FREE.

Install TVRadius Antenna to any screen in minutes and watch all your shows with no monthly fees.


The cable rates were just too ridiculous that I had to cancel mine. I just didn’t find it worth it to pay an outrageous amount of money every month, which will accumulate into an even more outrageous amount of money by the end of the year. I’d rather use that money to buy groceries. Anyway, I don’t even watch TV that much and when I do it’s mostly for news and live games. Thought I’d have to give that up but thankfully a friend got me this antenna. Can’t say I miss by cable TV because this is amazing. My sports channels are in HD and my wallet isn’t screaming at me. Very happy customer.


I tried out different antenna placements but the most number of channels I got was 27 and I expected more to be honest. I don’t think that is a complete flop because I did get channels but I also don’t think it’s the greatest ever either. However, as it is with any antenna in the market, it all depends on your location. You should probably give it a try, see how it goes, and return it if it doesn’t work out for you. Would definitely try out other antennas but for now, I guess it will do.


The installment is simple. There were no complicated hardware to set up. I took it out of the box, plugged it to my TV, then stick the pad on the wall near the window. That was pretty much it. I wasn’t also obligated to pay for the installment. It took me only 5 minutes. 3 of which was just me trying to figure out where to put it. Nice that it looks simple and sleek so it doesn’t look like an eyesore. Good for value product. I just wish that the cable was longer.


Jennifer Lee

I’ve been disappointed by several antennas in the past and so I set my expectations really low this time. Turns out I didn’t have to because tv radius works great. I hooked it up to my tv screen as soon as it arrived and I’ve been binge watching ever since. I’m genuinely impressed because the channel resolution is clear and I got really good channels. Got more than I expected so I give this antenna 5 stars. Do I recommend it? Yeah sure. Especially if you live in the city then you have a greater chance of getting a ton of channels.


Eric Garner

Tv radius is a great solution to watch tv and still save money. I’m now able to finally be cable-free permanently because I got all the channels I want with tv radius. Installing it is basic stuff, plug and play. It covers a great amount of distance to get channel signals and I didn’t have to sign up for a subscription. No more constant calls from cable companies to get upgrades for my plans because I got all I need with tv radius.



TVRadius Antenna is a wide ranged antenna capable of supporting HD broadcasts and maintain reception quality even during bad weather conditions. It’s compact for easy storage and compatible with most TV screens.

TVRadius Antenna

Weight 86g
Dimensions (Cm) 296x75mm
Color Black
Reception Hi-Definition
 Coaxial Cable Length (Feet) 4 meters
TVRadius Antenna is capable of picking up signals within a 30-mile range. May not seem as much but it can be amplified up to 50 miles. Invest in an amplifier or check your screen for signal boosters. Most modern TV screens have them automatically built in.


  • Easy to install and store away
  • Inexpensive alternative to getting a cable plan
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great picture quality

  • Materials feel cheap too
  • May need longer cable


Overall, TVRadius Antenna is a good antenna. It works as promised and is easy to install. I got a great number of channels most of which had great picture quality. No longer need to keep making monthly payments which is even better. The thing pays for itself.

However, the list of channels is not provided or guaranteed. You can try out channel checking services online to see what you can get but that’s only an estimate. I didn’t get all the channels in the check list but I did get 5 new ones. It’s important that you set a realistic expectation before shifting to TV antenna. Exclusive channels like HBO and Star World are not available for free.

If you’re really into binging on movies, pair up your antenna with an online streaming subscription. You can get live TV programs such as news and sports with TVRadius Antenna then get movies or series online. You can even get two or three. Still won’t cost as much as cable tv anyway.

Save thousands of dollars by cutting off your cable cord. Buy TVRadius Antenna now to enjoy unrestricted TV access for no monthly fees. Click the button below and get the chance to win a special discount.


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