TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna Review 2018: Is it this year’s best antenna?

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  • Range 90%
  • Reception 92%
  • Cable Length 89%
  • Price 93%


Total Rating

Cable may have once been the cool thing to have for a modern TV set however more people are realizing the financial gain of cord-cutting. Because with over a hundred of local channels broadcasted over the air for free, you can end your cable expenses without giving up TV privileges.

What you need is TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna.

TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna has a range of over 30 miles. It may not sound as much but consider that TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna can pick up signals from multiple directions. Think about it, you can access all the free broadcast channels within a 30 mile range from different directions.

And that’s with no internet connection and no monthly subscriptions required.

So what are you waiting for? Join the cord-cutters and put a stop on the drain in your savings. Get the most out of your money and switch to TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna.


I immediately ordered two TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna after hearing about the discount. Got one for the screen in my living room and one in my bedroom. The antenna I installed in my living room works fantastic. I received about 40 channels with great resolution. The second antenna on my bedroom doesn’t work as well as the first. I’ve tried changing up the location of the antenna but the most I can get was 10 channels. I also tried switching the two antennas and the second one is just busted. Emailed customer service to have it replaced so crossing my fingers.


TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna is a must have if you want to end your cable subscription for good. I was able to get access to local channels easily in HD. It can work for multiple TV screens if you use a splitter which I was told could mess with the reception but so far so good. My favorite thing about using antennas as compared to cable, well besides being able to save more, is that whenever I encounter problems with the signal I only have to turn my screen on and off then scan again for channels. Fixing cable takes too long especially when dealing with the providers who make you go through hoops just to get the service you’re paying for. I definitely recommend TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna.


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Before I started using TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna, about 30 channels only out of the 50 channels have decent sound and picture quality. Can’t really consider some of them high-definition. I thought it’s because I live too far from towers but I’m now using another antenna and I’m getting greater channel quality. So yeah TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna worked, though it’s not the best. But can’t really complain for the price point because it is affordable than others.



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I’m not very experienced with installing anything that’s got to do with electronics but TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna was very easy to install that I was able to do it on my own in no time. There’s a cable included to attach it to the screen but we already had one lying around that was longer so I used that. The antenna is currently mounted near our front door and we receive about 30+ channels.



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I didn’t intend on buying a new antenna but TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna was the lowest priced with the highest reviews I found online. I didn’t want to miss the chance and I bought one. There were complaints that the delivery took too long but I got mine immediately after 3 weeks of ordering. TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna is cheaper than the one I was previously using but works just as well. I got 15 more channels in very good quality. I don’t think its revolutionary but it’s good.



TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna was designed after military communication and is sure capture free broadcast signals even on uneven terrain. A shorter ranged antenna compared to other modern models but is able to pick up signals far better resulting in superior crystal clear reception.

TV Surf

Weight 8 ounces
Dimensions (Cm)  10x23x0.1
Color Black
Reception Hi-Definition
 Coaxial Cable Length (Feet) 7.8

It’s easy to install. Plug in TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna to the TV screen using the coaxial cable provided and scan for available channels.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installment process
  • Crystal clear reception on good days
  • Doesn’t need internet connection

  • Reception can be unstable
  • Have to keep rescanning for channels


TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna looks small but don’t be fooled. It’s a powerful indoor antenna which can pick up on signals from multiple directions. Just make sure to install it away from other appliances as they can interfere with broadcast signals.

I got a great amount of channels which was very surprising because I don’t live anywhere near broadcast towers. As for the resolution, most of them were HD quality. There were a few grainy ones but overall very impressive reception.

Don’t expect to get anything let alone a clear one if there’s heavy rain or strong winds though. The weather is not your best friend and it will mess up broadcasts signals. The same problem can occur with cable TV and any other antennas.

Anyway, my main problem with TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna is that I had to rescan for available channels at least once a week. Some channels automatically disappear from the list and only reappear if I reboot the antenna and TV. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone. It could be just an issue with the unit I received.

If you don’t know what channels are available for free near your home, there are multiple websites that offer channel checking services. I personally use tvfool which is based on Google map and records of broadcast towers.

So in conclusion, TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna may not be my favorite antenna but it comes very close. For the low price and good reception, I definitely recommend it.

You don’t need to get an expensive cable plan to binge watch on your favorite channels. Cut the cord and switch to TVSurf Indoor HD Antenna to get all your local broadcast channels for free. Click the button below to order one now!



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